MODULE 3 – Finding Clients

  Module Summary

  By the end of this module, you will have:
  • Come up with your own website domain name for your business
  • Decided how you want have your site created
  • Created your own website for your local marketing business
  • Learned how to find additional local business leads for you to contact
  • Learned the best options for approaching businesses with your services


  By the end of this module, you will have:
  • – Offers templates you can use to create your own website for your consulting business.
  • – An alternative template site you can use to create your business website.
  • BrainHost – Our Done-For-You website option.
  • – A fairly inexpensive outsourcing resource you can use to get your business website set up if you don’t want to do it yourself.
  • – Web-based training on how to create websites, blogs, etc. if you’d like to learn how to set up your site yourself.
  • – Search for “How to _____” if you need assistance or tutorials on setting up your site.
  • – A free resource to help you find additional small businesses to contact.
  • – Fairly inexpensive paid resource to purchase detailed information on business leads.
  • – Free business search tool with more limited information than GoLeads
  • – Blast email marketing solution
  • – Voice broadcasting services, automated calling
  • – Postcard mailing resource and mailing list rental